Zuckerberg Testimony Doesn't Change Our View on Facebook

Olive Hawkins
April 15, 2018

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg says he accepts responsibility for the social network's failure to tell its users who has viewed their profile, according to testimony released on Monday on the eve of his first Congressional appearance.

Facebook's recent data privacy issues and the recent Cambridge Anlaytica scandal don't seem like they will impact the company's business.

Consulting firm Creative Strategies polled 1,000 Americans earlier this month and found that 17 percent had uninstalled the Facebook app from their smartphones; 9 percent had deleted their account altogether. The social network recently started notifying users who had their information scooped up. If Facebook were a true bargain with users - they get a useful, free service in exchange for seeing advertising based on their interests and activity - then Zuckerberg should be comfortable explaining how it all works.

But the two sides agree that Facebook needs to focus on what commercial businesses do with user data, rather than academics. "We're thrilled that Facebook has decided not to contribute any addition money to the opposition", Ross said.

"In principle, I think that makes sense, and the details matter, and I look forward to having our team work with you on fleshing that out", Zuckerberg said.

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Pallone said that if Democrats were in charge, "then we would push all the more". Zuckerberg testified for around five hours in a Senate hearing on Tuesday.

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Stressing that there is an online propaganda "arms race" with Russian Federation and it was important to make sure no one interferes in any more elections including in India, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Wednesday that his own personal data was "improperly shared". Zuckerberg didn't answer directly. Soon users began examining what else Facebook could use if given permission by the user. Zuckerberg was comparing apples to privacy-compromised oranges.

He replied with a no, saying the company only has access to an individual's audio when people record videos on the social media platform. He repeatedly told the committee that users have full control over who sees their information.

"There is a problem that you can't actually own digital information, at least under Canadian law". This was surely deliberate, and misleading. So, to put those numbers into better perspective, that means around 36.38 million people in the United States have deleted the Facebook phone app, while 19.26 million have deleted their accounts altogether. Spoiler alert: Facebook does all of those things. It's also risky because people don't know how they have been profiled-or whether their profile is biased, wrong, or otherwise unfair. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter so much to Facebook's bottom line whether you like their website, only that you're using it.

Ironically, one of the ways the world has learned of the way Facebook collects and analyses non-members was through data breaches such as the one that hit the company in 2013.

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