Local politicians react to Trump's announcement of strikes on Syria

Sergio Conner
April 15, 2018

He said France has "no doubt" that the Syrian government was behind a suspected chemical attacks last weekend.

Japan's support for the "resolve" behind the reasoning for the strikes echoes its response to a USA airstrike on a Syrian air base in April a year ago in retaliation for another alleged chemical attack. The attacks were centered on three targets: a research facility and a warehouse near Damascus, and a chemical weapons storage facility near Homs. While the United States said that at least 58 of its missiles struck Syria, France said it had fired 12 missiles, and none of them were intercepted.

In a possible reference to North Korea, Abe said the threat of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons is also becoming more serious in East Asia, and that Japan will work with the United States and the global community to maintain peace and stability in the region.

Chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said Saturday that the strikes were launched to "cripple Syria's ability to use chemical weapons in the future".

He also suggested if he was president he would "let them all fight with each other - focus on U.S.!" I also support the extraordinary service and sacrifice of our fearless men and women who serve this nation in our armed forces. Some civilian injuries were sustained but no loss of life has been reported so far from the air strikes.

Marine Lt Gen Kenneth McKenzie, director of the Joint Staff, rejected assertions from Russian Federation and Syria that scores of the Western missiles were shot down.

She had said earlier this week that Germany would not join allied military action against Syrian government forces.

"I have done so because I judge this action to be in Britain's national interest".

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When asked about whether they had any evidence of chemical weapons use, he said they were "still assessing but are confident of the evidence they already had".

French President Emmanuel Macron said the military operation with U.S. and Britain were targeting "clandestine chemical arsenal" in Syria.

According to Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal, Islamabad "condemns the use of chemical weapons anywhere by anyone".

"The red line set by France in May 2017 has been crossed", he said. They say the strikes are punishment for killing dozens of people, many of them women and children, with banned toxic munitions.

- More than 100 missiles were collectively launched overnight from British, French and American forces in Syria.

The U.S. -led operation won broad Western support.

USA joint Chief of Staff Marine General Joseph Dunford said the strike was created to degrade Syria's chemical weapons capability without killing civilians or the many foreign fighters in Syria's multi-sided civil war, particularly those from Russian Federation.

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