Sega unveils the Mega Drive Mini in Japan

Alfred Osborne
April 14, 2018

Better start saving up those coins. The so-called "Mega Drive Mini" will be released in 2018, in Japan at least, Sega announced at a fan event today. Sounds like the Atari VCS has got some competition!

The pint-sized feat of engineering will likely replicate the HDMI connection used in NES and SNES Mini consoles. Sega's official version is smaller, and more closely resembles its eighties-born ancestor. If the renowned video-game developer includes some of the best titles from their library with the micro-console, then it will nearly be a must-have item for gamers who miss the days of foiling Doctor Eggman or indulging in a few hours of Double Dragon.

For those who haven't gotten enough of Sega's wide array of titles released on multiple platforms, they can look forward to picking up the stylized mini Sega Genesis planned to release later this year.

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Additionally, Sega announced that Shenmue I and II would be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with options between retro and modern control schemes.

So as soon as we hear any more news regarding either this partnership or those upcoming titles, we will let you guys know. Multiple collections have been released for various consoles in different regions in the past, featuring games such as the Phantasy Star titles, Golden Axe, Panzer Dragoon, and others.

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