Bathroom hand dryers are blowing feces particles on you

Alicia Farmer
April 13, 2018

Bacterial feces can become "aerosolized" from the flushing of toilets, one of the researchers told Newsweek.

Researchers in CT say using hand dryers can blow bacteria throughout bathroom surfaces and your hands. There was bacteria contamination inside the hand dryers, waiting to spread to the next person who dries their hands with them.

The University of CT carried out a study to identify whether the dryers were helping to disperse germs, or just redistributing them.

Alternatively paper towels are found to be more hygienic, but that option is also less environmentally friendly and potentially more costly.

The team found PS533 in every bathroom tested.

And some of that bacteria is human waste.

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Researchers say this can cause people to leave bathrooms with potential pathogens on their hands, which can be dispersed throughout buildings.

Some hand dryers like those made by Dyson do use HEPA filters. However, a new study is questioning whether the hot air method is sanitary.

"Perhaps the filters weren't working properly, or the large air column below the hand dryers was sucking in bacteria from unfiltered air adjacent to the forced air column", Setlow, who is a professor at the University of CT, explained.

The University of CT added paper towel dispensers to 36 of its bathrooms after completing the study, Newsweek reported.

They say that more research is needed to find out whether the hand dryers are simply doing a good job of blowing this bacteria towards your hands or if the nozzle itself might be harbouring bacteria.

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