First luxury hotel in space to welcome guests in 2022

Alicia Farmer
April 10, 2018

For $80,000 (£56,500) apiece, would-be astronauts can get onto the waiting list for the Aurora Station, a modular space station now being developed by Houston-based company Orion Span.

The Aurora Space Station hotel is looking for a literal launch into low orbit by 2021, and will be able to take on guests in its pair of ultra-luxe suites by 2022. Touted as the Aurora Station, the company has quoted price tag of a staggering $9.5 million United States dollars per person for a 12-day round-trip to space which is a whopping $791,666 per night and it includes a 3-month long training period on the land.

"Every 90 minutes we complete an orbit, meaning you'll see day and night over Earth hundreds of times during your 12-day stay, with ample opportunity to photograph your hometown from space". The fully refundable deposit is $80,000 per person.

While billionaires driving their cars into deep space, a California's company, Orion Span hoping to build the world's first luxury space hotel, so they look at a welcome visitor within five years. For the novice space traveler, which might be most of us, Orion Span claims it can prepare you for the trip with a three-month training program. That includes an online course, classes at Orion Span's training facility in Houston, Texas, and final training on the space station itself.

The space hotel will be known as "the Station Aurora".

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Aurora Station will accommodate four paying guests and two crewmembers; these latter personnel will likely be former astronauts, Bunger said.

Inside the station, in addition to the module to stay, there are also rides, including participation in research experiments, such as growing food in orbit and video chats with friends and family on Earth via high speed Internet. On return to Earth, guests will be treated to a hero's welcome home.

Most people looking to vacation among the stars head to Hollywood, but a USA -based startup has announced the development of the world's first luxury space hotel.

Tourists seeking a zero-gravity vacation spot can try out the "luxury space hotel", according to The New York Post Friday.

Orion Span isn't alone in seeking to carve out this path.

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