Fortnite is getting in-game replays

Alfred Osborne
March 21, 2018

Anyone who's perused gaming circles on Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter over the last six months has likely seen a fair share of Fortnite clips of stunning victories or hilarious missteps.

The bulk of the revenue comes from Amazon and Twitch Prime subscribers, however.

The most streamed artist on Spotify, whose latest hit God's Plan has spent the last seven weeks at number one on the United States singles chart, made waves this week when he joined the streaming video-game platform Twitch.

Blevins, more popularly known as "Ninja" and a former professional Halo player, revealed in an interview with CNBC that he earns about $500,000 per month. So a replay editor built directly into the back end of the Unreal Engine should allow Fortnite's dedicated community of YouTube and Twitch streamers to make even more polished videos and share them far and wide. "I'm very goofy; if you ever watched any of my streams or YouTube videos, I do impressions and stuff like that all the time and just insane shenanigans".

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Blevins also believes that viewers are drawn to his Twitch channel due to the combination of the high level of skill that he shows and the fun environment that he creates while streaming. Those subscribers can donate to his Twitch channel, and Blevins also has 5 million subscribers on YouTube that help him rake in the cash. You can make an incredible amount of money playing games, but it's challenging work and there is intense competition in this sort of profession.

Despite his success in the game streaming world, Blevins had wise advice for kids who also want to be streamers.

Ninja's popularity has skyrocketed in recent weeks, perhaps thanks in part to the increasing popularity of Fortnite as well.

As of now, Epic Games has not given any release date for the Android version. What keeps the match flowing is the "Storm Eye" concept in which the game slowly constricts the map eventually forcing players to converge in one area of the map. A 30fps frame rate may not be as slick as its console counterparts, but it's equally as consistent (and therefore very playable), which is in stark contrast to the likes of PUBG Mobile [Free].

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