Elon Musk: Flights to Mars will start in 2019

Olive Hawkins
March 12, 2018

"Earth is the cradle of humanity, but you can not stay in the cradle forever", Musk said, quoting Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky, one of the first prominent Russian rocket scientists.

One of the main events regarding the first Falcon Heavy launch was the Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster "drove" through space's infinity by the renown Starman. "How do you get people to talk again, how can you drive the conversation?"

Yesterday, SpaceX has published on its official YouTube channel a new video which is dramatically reviewing the history of the Falcon Heavy launch, the most powerful rocket that has ever been launched from Earth, at the moment.

As reported by the Verge, the video was created by a different Mask directed by Jonathan Nolan.

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Elon Musk released a handsome new short video about launching the Tesla Roadster driven by "Starman", a dummy equipped with a spacesuit, in space on the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX's latest rocket. But that misstep is entirely overshadowed by one of the video's final images: the mind-boggling simultaneous landing of the rocket's two outer boosters. It also includes numerous new shots of the prep for the launch, including Musk's infamous red Tesla Roadster being attached.

Nolan, who was at ground control with Musk during the SpaceX launch, wanted to express how he felt "the only way he knew how", and ended the panel with three-minutes of footage that was captured that day.

At the music, film and media festival known as SXSW, Musk conceded that his forecasts on project completion times are sometimes a bit rosy: "People have told me that my timelines historically have been optimistic". The spacecraft would ultimately be able to make missions to the Moon or Mars, Musk said. "This is not a movie trailer". This is not a TV show trailer. "What we're hoping this is is the trailer for one part of the next chapter of the human story".

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