This Video Game Montage Explains School Shootings, According to the White House

Alfred Osborne
March 11, 2018

It seems whoever picked these titles went for more mainstream options, rather than something like Hatred, which, while ultra-violent, was so bad that few people ever played it.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), a lobbying group for the video game industry, said it sees Thursday's meeting as an opportunity for a "fact-based conversation about video game ratings, our industry's commitment to parents, and the tools we provide to make informed entertainment choice".

The meeting started off with a video that President Trump presented to all the attendees, showing scenes from "Call of Duty".

An attorney for a porn star who claims she had sex with Donald Trump says she is suing to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement "to set the record straight".

In another review of over 1,000 studies, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychological Association, and the American Medical Association all declared in the summary of their findings that evidence points "overwhelmingly to a causal connection between media violence and aggressive behavior in some children".

In the aftermath of the attack Trump pointed to video games as a possible contributing factor to the firearms violence plaguing the nation. No specific games were apparently mentioned during the hour-long meeting. "Somehow, Democrats isolate the inherent evil of a gun nearly as if it's self-shooting, while denying our violent media has any influence on these under-21 shooters", he wrote at the time.

In a private meeting at the White House, also attended by several video-game executives, some participants urged Trump to consider new regulations that would make it harder for young children to purchase those games.

Executives from the video game industry were on hand, among them two CEOs of video game publishers and representatives of the Entertainment Software Association and the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

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The White House had the video unlisted and showed it during the summit.

PTC program director Melissa Henson said she sought to convey the challenges of keeping violent games away from kids "even for the most diligent parent".

The White House summit was little more than an effort to sidetrack a true policy discussion on access to guns in the United States, critics argued. He's been criticized for oversimplifying the issues in his books, which try to paint video games as the primary reason why children become killers. He said "Hey dude", told me that tomorrow's White House meeting will have some people "of great interest to the video game folks", and then hung up. "The conversation centered on whether violent video games, including games that graphically simulate killing, desensitise our community to violence".

Psychologist Patrick Markey noted that in his research, 80% of mass shooters showed no interest in violent video games.

As with any other medium of storytelling, violence in video games typically serves a goal and games are developed in such ways for reasons.

Following the White House summit on March 8th, 2018 where anti-gaming activists and some of the CEOs from the AAA game publishing studios met to discuss the role violent video games have on shaping the youth of America, the official White House website updated the public about the briefing.

The discussion proceeded with President Trump asking if there is something that the video game industry could do for the betterment of society, which is a very broad and vague remark to be asked of the people in attendance that day.

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