Ferrari highlights aerodynamics development on new F1 auto

Mae Love
February 24, 2018

Bottas said he meant to try to improve on last season and avoid the slump in competitiveness he experienced in the second half of the season.

"But what I can say is that last year was a positive year in respect of handling the different situations that I faced".

Ferrari and Mercedes were often split by small margins in 2017 but a clear pattern emerged in the relative performance of both cars.

But he admits there is always an element of the unknown heading into a new season. Mercedes generally had the upper hand at high-speed circuits while Ferrari prospered on low-speed layouts.

"If we take stock of what we did previous year, in low-speed tracks we always did well while in circuits where the speed was higher we were suffering a little bit more".

Power units are similar to past year, meaning a 1.6-liter turbocharged V-6 working with two motor-generators-one mounted on the driveline and the other integrated with the turbocharger. "So I think you're going to see a tougher battle". "We tried to retain the strengths, first the aggressiveness in some of the concepts we've designed".

In the case of Ferrari, the team's engineers lengthened the wheelbase of the auto and tweaked the side dimensions to work with a new cooling system.

"Coming to the end of the year, Ferrari, Red Bull and us are very, very close".

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While the team looked to ease the fears of commentators online by insisting the video is merely a two-dimensional version of real life events and no drivers have raised concerns when testing it in the auto, many were left unconvinced. I take my time, and eventually I miss going for a run and miss working out and look forward to getting back to it.

"Some minor things change every year, but the chassis is mostly a development - and now is obviously the time where you see the auto, it's all ready, so you want to get in, go out on the track and have a go", Vettel told Autoweek.

Unlike a year ago, there are no new aerodynamic rule changes to take into account.

The Ferrari drivers' approach to the halo was in stark contrast to that of Tito Wolff, the team boss of bitter rivals and defending world champions Mercedes who earlier in the day said he couldn't stand the sight of the controversial head protection device.

"I haven't even see the Red Bull yet but past year when that turned up it had no [aero] furniture on it". However, it still proved a headache for Binotto and his team. The Halo has been introduced for the safety of the drivers but as it is very visible it is also very intrusive on the design. "But it is very visible and intrusive on the design". It is not a straightforward exercise. "It has affected obviously the weight of the auto, the centre of gravity and the air into the engine scoop as well as the flow onto the rear wing". "Off-season is a legend".

"All the people, the guys especially, are working with Mattia thinking about the concept of the auto for months before the season's end".

"To check and to build every single detail of this vehicle, and to try and do all the very best - and they can do it, I'm sure about this".

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