Reddit adds two-factor authentication for everyone

Alfred Osborne
January 25, 2018

Some of those accounts are valuable; others contain personal content, maybe even messages linking it to the user's identity.

Two-factor authentication is the considered a gold standard of security for many reasons. Select the option to enable two-factor authentication, then follow the prompts to complete set-up.

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Reddit is now offering the option of using two-factor authentication (2FA) to all users following successful trials with moderators and beta-testers ... The two-factor authentication tool facilitates additional layers of security for online accounts. This requires the user to have their phone available. With every new sign-in attempt, a six-digit verification code will be sent to the user's mobile devices. Thanks to this, someone who knows your username (which is everyone on Reddit) and your password still can't access the account unless they get access to your smartphone. If you think you have an unbreakable password then you may continue to make its solo use. But if you've posted anything controversial or simply just want to protect yourself from potential doxxers and stalkers, you can switch on the feature by going to the password/email tab under Preferences on Reddit's desktop version.

It's great that Reddit has introduced this feature, but I wonder how many users will bother to enable it? You'll need to generate backup codes to use for the times your phone isn't available. You'll need Google Authenticator, Authy, or any TOTP-supporting auth app - texting codes is no longer recommended (and really, it was always a bad idea).

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