HomePod release date could be as early as February

Alfred Osborne
January 21, 2018

In November of past year, Apple announced that the HomePod launch was pushed back to sometime early 2018, with no specific details provided.

Apple recently received FCC approval for the HomePod, signaling that the company's highly anticipated smart speaker - which has been delayed for quite a few weeks now - may finally hit store shelves in the near future. Apple is touting the device as a high-fidelity speaker that is created to learn the owner's tastes, thus enabling it to become a digital DJ and automatically select a playlist that users would like. Furthermore, the assembler won't make a lot of money from the Homepod until the company meets a set production level after the end of the first quarter.

Suppliers are confident that sales of the HomePod will have the opportunity to pass the 10 million unit milestone, as its competitor, the Echo, has only managed to sell 1 million units, despite glowing reviews by consumers. That's a huge expectation in a market where Amazon and Google are already ahead of the pack. At least in the countries from the initial wave of availability, that is - the US, UK, and Australia. In fact, the company is still mum on the dilemma, which is not good news and could push fans to other platforms. We do know that integration of hardware and software is something the iPhone factory is known for, so if it doesn't work well with the Homepod, the device would face a delay instead.

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The HomePod was originally unveiled in last year's WWDC event.

HomePod is priced at $349 United States dollars from Apple, and at today's exchange rate that works out to about $437 CAD, but expect Canadian pricer to be a bit higher.

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