Trump, in vulgar terms, rejects bipartisan immigration proposal at White House meeting

Sergio Conner
January 14, 2018

At the meeting, Trump reportedly endorsed the general idea of doing something to protect the "dreamers" first and then moving on to a more comprehensive set of immigration reforms later.

Granted, it becomes increasingly hard to make that point, or at least to make it convincingly, when the president of the United States calls Haiti and Africa "sh**hole" countries, and says he prefers Norweigian immigrants to those from developing nations.

However, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says there is no deal. But she added, "We feel like we're close". Dick Durbin - the only Democrat present at the meeting - accused Trump of repeatedly saying "things that were hate-filled, vile, and racist".

"How do 6 people bind the other 94 in the Senate?"

Or, as Sen. John Cornyn, the second-ranked Republican in the Senate, put it: "Six people can't agree to something that will bind the Congress".

DACA, created by an Obama-era penstroke, guarantees that more than 800,000 illegaly immigrants brought to the children won't be the subject of deportation efforts unless they are criminals.

Federal agencies will run out of money and have to shut down if lawmakers don't pass legislation extending their financing by January 19. Some Democrats are threatening to withhold needed votes for the budget measure unless there's an immigration accord.

The breakthrough comes two days after President Donald Trump summoned lawmakers to the White House and said he would support a deal that would resolve the legal status of "dreamers", or young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children, and make other changes in immigration and border security policy. That group met for the first time this week.

South Carolina's Tim Scott, the only black Republican senator, said that if Trump really did use those words it would be "disappointing".

Which means that, as long as Trump is involved in the negotiations, a border wall is going to be at the center of them.

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Lindsey Graham, who was also at the meeting, seemed to confirm that report in a statement in which he said "following comments by the president, I said my piece directly to him yesterday". Tom Cotton, R-Ark., who took part in meeting.

One person with direct knowledge of that meeting said Durbin and Graham hadn't expected the three GOP lawmakers to be there. It was unclear why the four Republicans were there, and the session did not produce the results the two senators were hoping for.

Overall, Republicans believe they have more time to deal with the deadline for the program for young undocumented immigrants, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, after letting the heat from the president's comments cool off.

He also denied demanding that Haitians be removed from negotiations about protected status for people from certain countries.

But Trump's attempts to end the program were upended late Tuesday, when U.S. District Judge William Alsup in San Francisco said the almost 690,000 DACA recipients must retain their work permits and protection from deportation while a lawsuit challenging the decision to end the program moves forward. The deal also calls for allocating $1.6 billion for structures including a wall for border security.

Or, he could increase tariffs on imports then try to tell us Mexico is paying for it, but taxpaying USA consumers will eventually be paying for it anyway with higher prices.

He later called it a "joke" of a proposal.

Many Democrats would oppose providing substantial sums on Trump's campaign promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

And for Democrats, the opportunity to do so was more important than the chance to help "undocumented" immigrants.

Among Republicans, some conservatives are insisting on going further than the steps that Trump has suggested. There is something of an alliance between traditional Republicans who want to see the Republican majority make good policy and Trump faithfuls who traditionally vote Republican but have been dissatisfied with the results of Republican rule in the House and Senate.

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