LAPD investigating Steven Seagal over sexual assault claims

Joann Johnston
January 13, 2018

"All we can do is confirm that there's an open investigation from 2005", she said, confirming it was an allegation of sexual assault. Previously, several actresses, Katherine Heigl, Portia de Rossi and Julianna Margulies, shared similar stories about the 65-year-old actor's alleged inappropriate behaviors.

The news of LAPD investigation also comes after the Wrap reported on Thursday that two more women had made allegations against Seagal, including Regina Simons, who claims the actor raped her in 1993 while they were both working on the film On Deadly Ground.

In November, Dutch model Faviola Dadis, shared a post on Instagram claiming that Seagal sexually assaulted her during an audition in 2002.

Seagal has denied numerous sexual misconduct claims made against him, but has not commented on the latest accusations. People always talk about fight-or-flight.

Seagal allegedly answered the door in a silk robe and had her perform in front of him while he sat in a throne. "Even now, my 43-year-old mind knows how to process this and understand what a loving relationship is and what consensual sex is".

After the alleged incident was over, Simons says that Seagal let her leave nearly as if nothing had transpired, but continued to contact her for months afterward. She was eventually given a smaller part in the movie. She shot the scene, and a few weeks later, was invited to the movie's wrap party, where she claims the rape happened.

"The only way I'm able to describe it is I literally felt like I left my body", Simons said.

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'I was completely caught off guard. Tears were coming down my face and I know that it hurt.

"I wasn't even allowed to date so for me it was a shameful thing", Simons said. "He was three times my size".

Chong said she left quickly after he asked her if he could touch her silk shirt.

"I ran out and called my agent".

"I just told the lady I was living with to not take his calls", she said.

The Commando actress recalled feeling "heartbroken" by her agency at the time, believing they have "pimped" her out. "I cried the whole way home".

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