Hyperkin's Ultra GB: An Aluminum Game Boy Classic

Alfred Osborne
January 13, 2018

It dominated the handheld console market for nearly 10 years and it paved the way for the 3DS and the Switch, being every bit as iconic as the original NES and the SNES TV consoles.

Called the Ultra Game Boy while being developed, Hyperkin's remix is a sleek, aluminum-cased portable console with a size closer to the Game Boy Pocket of 1996 than the bulky original from 1989. Nintendo has recently already launched revived versions of its original TV consoles, which sold like hotcakes and still sell immediately every time new stock comes in, so we could see a revived version of Game Boy soon.

The new device is dubbed the "Ultra Game Boy", is said to come with some significant improvements on the original. Instead, it sports a cartridge slot that will play all of the original games.

Beyond audio, the final device will also have a USB-C charging port (it's now rocking an old-school AC port), while the screen will include an RGB wheel to cycle through color options, including that classic yellowish-greenish palette of the very first Game Boy. If you want an authentic Game Boy experience though, you can turn off the backlight altogether. Other new features include a six-hour battery with an USB Type-C connector for charging, stereo speakers and left and right audio-out connections that allow chiptune musician to create electronic tunes based on the original mono sounds.

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The new Game Boy system improves on the system's original hardware. Yes, it's a thing, and a very popular thing.

Yes, the Game Boy is coming back.

The final price and release date hasn't been announced, but Hyperkin hopes to start selling the console later this year at a price point under $100. It sounds like Nintendo has a lot of catching up to do now, but the one thing Hyperkin's classic console will be missing is built-in games. It will play all of your classic Game Boy games, and maybe even your Game Boy Color games.

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