Hina Khan's Emotional Breakdown On The Last Day

Joann Johnston
January 13, 2018

Meanwhile, it is being expected that it will be a tough fight between Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta for the title of the victor. Shilpa presses the buzzer while Hina is in the room. Hina says Shilpa looks very handsome and good looks much lovely without makeup. Vikas tells Puneesh and Shilpa to not say this to Hina.

Furthermore, he gets his own family picture and asks Hina to tear it apart by repeatedly stamping on it. Hearing this, she loses her cool and lashes out at him saying that she can not believe he would stoop to such lows for a task. He then blindfolds her and asks her to say good and bad things about their co-housemate Shilpa Shinde. Hina is in disbelief that he can stoop down to this level, but after pouring the coffee she says that she knows it wasn't hers. Despite, pressing the buzzer, Vikas asks Shilpa to be in the game.

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They informed the same to Shilpa, who said that he might have made a mistake in writing. The Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain actress is followed by Hina Khan, who is behind her by just a handful of votes. He has already driven Puneesh to press the buzzer, but he has to influence Hina and Shilpa now. Hina reminded Vikas that she didn't put her foot on the photo and he can not cry about it later as he was the one who asked her to do it. Hina tells him that he stooped to another level by asking her to do it. She tells him that he wants to show that others are mean by making them do these things. Puneesh again defends Hina and tells both Shilpa and Vikas that whatever they are doing is not right.

Salman Khan-hosted controversial reality show Bigg Boss 11 is heading to its Grand Finale and the makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned to entertain its viewers. Puneesh comes to Shilpa and says she can't bear Hina eating beside her because she makes a lot of noise while eating. Bigg Boss labeled Vikas as the Dictator of the house, giving him unlimited power over the remaining contestants. Soon, everyone in the house is against Hina Khan.

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