Google Plans to Vet YouTube Premium Video Content

Olive Hawkins
January 13, 2018

If Logan Paul still doesn't realize how much he effed up by posting a video that featured the dead body of a man who committed suicide in a Japanese forest, hopefully the ramifications will help him understand.

The 22-year-old said he felt ashamed and did not expect to be forgiven after filming in Japan's Aokigahara Forest - which is known to be a frequent site of suicides.

The expert added that people won't forget the scandal - obviously - but if Paul is savvy he can re-enter public life before the year is out. "We are planning to apply stricter criteria, conduct more manual curation, while also significantly ramping up our team of ad reviewers to ensure ads are only running where they should".

Logan's channel can still be viewed on YouTube, but they have been removed from YouTube's Google Preferred platform, which features its most popular content in packages for sale to advertisers.

YouTube also said it will not include Paul in the new season of a web-based series called "Foursome". Although these new videos haven't been entirely spotless themselves, Schiffer believes laying low is the best move that Paul could make.

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Oddly, the scandal actually looks to have done Paul's reputation a favour, as his YouTube channel's subscription count grew after the video was uploaded. With Paul's fan base of more than 15.5 million subscribers, his YouTube consists largely of young children. Google expressed its disapproval and condemned Paul's suicide video, highlighting that suicide should never be seen as a light thing or be exploited as a means to gain more viewers.

YouTube bars violent content that is shown in a shocking or disrespectful way, the company says.

"The channel violated our community guidelines, we acted accordingly, and we are looking at further consequences". Its decision comes more than a week after Paul posted the video, and YouTube received heavy criticism during this time for not removing the channel and not issuing a statement sooner to express its regret to the family of the victim.

However, he's continued to upload other videos he filmed in Japan prior to the incident.

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