CONSENT CONTRACT: New app helps partners prove sexual activity is consensual

Olive Hawkins
January 13, 2018

The app also allows users to "match sexual preferences" before a fling to ensure the "do's and don't's are clear... to set the rules before play".

The proposed changes will mean that if a person has not verbally agreed or demonstrated a desire to engage in sexual activity then forcing them into a sexual act will be illegal.

The app will provide the partakers to choose whether they want to take photos and videos of their intimate moments or not.

With this app you now have a "yes" to sex filed right in your phone.

The app is not just for one night flings, but also for long-term relationships. "While you're protected by law, litigating any offenses through court is almost impossible in reality", they explained.

While no always means no, the new app LegalFling is for when the answer is yes.

And if you're anxious about details of your intimate relationships ending up on the cloud, LegalFling says each contract is secured using blockchain, the same technology that protects cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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And the creators of the app have attempted to make safe consensual sex as simple as possible - users can WhatsApp, text message, or Facebook message their requests.

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Created by the Dutch company, LegalThings, according to their, the app "allows you to request consent from any of your s" because "sex should be fun and safe".

However, most importantly, the same given consent can also be withdrawn just as easily.

And if there's a breach of contract, app users can "escalate a breach" which would trigger "cease and desist letters and enforcing penalty payments".

Considering all the sexual harassment and assault allegations coming out of Hollywood could this come in handy?

The app is yet to be approved by Google and Apple before it will be available for download.

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