Celtics' Kyrie Irving Became Flat-Earth Truther … Because Of Instagram?

Joann Johnston
January 13, 2018

Redick, of course, questioned Irving on why he believes the Earth is flat and the convo lead him to bring up something he has always questioned as well and it pertained to dinosaurs and how he was "not entirely convinced" that they roamed the earth. I'm not. I've come across some weird websites in my Google searches. There was no word for dinosaur. And then all of a sudden in the next 15-20 years, after a British scientist comes up with this word dinosaur and describes it in a medical journal, people started finding fossils. "Like, just, different things, and I know you saw 'Loose Change, ' but some of the things that happened before that insane attack, like you think back on history and I'm just like, 'Man.' And they've gotten it to the point - and of course people will be like, 'Who's they?' Everyone who has basically controlled us, so ..." It makes you think!

But where did Irving come up with this nonsense?

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But perhaps the worst part of the podcast was when Redick spoke about the controversial documentary Loose Change, which throws out theories about 9/11 which have been widely debunked. And if you think about the actual intent behind it was: "Do your own research". Irving says he's watched "Loose Change", a film that suggests the attacks were orchestrated by members of the USA government. "It's certainly thought-provoking", Redick said. Like, just give me the truth on a lot of these things, and we can just be done with it. But the more he says it in interview after interview, it's beginning to become worrisome that Irving thinks these things.

Irving joined J.J. Redick on his Ringer podcast in a late-night recording session after the two played in the NBA's London showcase on Thursday.

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