Rick And Morty Season 4 Could Come Out Late 2019

Joann Johnston
January 12, 2018

"I'm sure they all have their reasons", said Ridley in the radio interview. The series has undoubtedly been the best show on TV... at least, whenever its new episodes aired.

Ridley said that, based on how long it's taken the staff to get the scripts written and the episodes animated in the past, he would be surprised if the fourth season debuted before late 2019.

Quoting Morty himself, Ridley finished: "Get your s**t together, you guys, get it all together and put it in a backpack".

Rick and Morty season 4 release date: Another lengthy delay?

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After Season 1 ended in April 2014, fans would have to endure 13 Rick-less months before the show returned in July 2015. I just don't get it.

If you're already starting to feel the sting from the lack of new Rick and Morty episodes, brace yourselves, because it sounds like another interminable wait is upon us.

Ever since his days back on Community, co-creator Dan Harmon has been known to take time with his shows mainly because he wants to ensure that the next season will come out great. The Venture Bros. - another intricately crafted series with a ravenously devoted cult following - routinely takes two or three years between seasons; somewhat amazingly, the show has been in active production since 2003 and has only aired six seasons. "I've gotten really frustrated at jobs when people point out logic issues and I go, 'Trust me when I tell you this - and this isn't me being like 'hey nobody cares" - but nobody is going to care about that little bit of logic if they're entrusted by a story with an internal story logic, ' which is very different from real-world logic.

In a recent interview, Ryan Ridley - one of the writers for Rick and Morty - revealed that fans will have to content themselves with reruns for a long time yet. "Now I'm about to do season four of Rick and Morty and want to prove that I've grown". "But if the story's not working because we're spending too much time focusing on the detail, then all they're going to care about is 'wait, what, that's dumb, ' because they're not caught up in the story".

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