Daisy Ridley talks about a romance storyline for Rey

Alicia Farmer
January 12, 2018

There are plot threads that need to be wrapped up but unlike what happened after The Force Awakens there are not a slew of huge mysteries being theorized over and dissected by the fans. Can Rey resist Poe?

It would certainly be interesting to hear what Trevorrow's pitch to Ridley was and how Rey would have finished her story arc should he have remained director.

Their onscreen meeting had many fans wondering if Rey and Poe's relationship would turn romantic in the next sequel, but Ridley is hoping director J.J. Abrams and screenwriters for Star Wars: Episode IX keep their bond strictly platonic.

She continued: "I don't think in films you always need a romantic relationship and I think friend relationships can be romantic in their gestures and their intimacy and all of that". So, I think hopefully, y'know, if Rey and Poe get to have some scenes together, and stuff, there'll be intimacy. "I introduced him to Daisy Ridley at the 'SNL" after-party, it was the first time they had met.

In the video, which surfaced recently on Tumblr, Ridley had this to say.

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Check out the entire interview on MTime, then let us know if what you think Rey should do.

If the new trilogy is seeking to break the mold of the previous films, having the main female lead not be a romantic character would be a definite change of pace. So it will be great to finally see those two characters interact but that doesn't necessarily have to be in a romantic way, even though The Last Jedi seemed to plant that seed of possibility. "In fact, "#Star Wars: "#The Last Jedi" has left some loose ends that viewers are expecting to be answered in the next movie installment.

"Because I wasn't so knowledgeable of the Star Wars thing, I still have questions about what it all means". She may just be thinking that Rey and Poe do not have to instantly find love in Episode 9. After all, Luke lived that bachelor life (we think) and never had romance in the original trilogy.

We learned a lot about Rey's origin, i.e. that there wasn't really one (at least in the Star Wars-y, "it is destined" sense), in The Last Jedi, but what of her fate?

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