65-inch rollable OLED TV concept by LG Display

Alfred Osborne
January 12, 2018

By converging new functions such as sound and touch while expanding the IPS technology to more ultra-large and super-high resolution products, LG Display will continue to lead the premium market.

Other aspects of the technology remain unknown. According to the images, this flexible OLED panel is attached to a soundbar in which the TV rolls into place. In a demo of the E8 OLED, we were able to see just how well the new Alpha 9 processor stood up against another leading OLED panel.

Samsung is not the only South Korean tech giant that is launching innovative TVs this year at CES 2018. It revealed its 88-inch 8K TV, alongside the new ThinQ software, a week before CES kicked off.

LG showed off a smaller version of this rollable TV several years ago, but it was less than 20 inches and not even 1080p resolution.

He also said that OLED is definitely the next-gen technology leader and this is the primary reason for which LG Display is now accelerating its OLED research and development. The prototype from LG Display, however, will surely help in driving down the prices of 4K TVs that are now available in the market. Now the company has increased the size of that prototype and announced a 65-inch rollable OLED display prototype.

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The company's plans for the "smart connected lifestyle" revolve around appliances and devices controlled by Amazon and Google's Alexa and Assistant digital helpers, and a series of futuristic concept robots created to lighten the load in airports and hotels.

The company said that developing TVs with OLEDs is easy, as the self-emissive nature helps in reducing the aperture ratio without reducing the brightness.

Looking at it up close, I could detect no difference between this rollable panel and LG Display's other, profoundly gorgeous OLED TVs.

LG has yet to reveal more details on the rollable TV, though more information is set to come when CES officially opens up tomorrow.

Back in December 2017, a South Korean government panel approved LG Display's KRW 5 trillion (approximately Dollars 4.4 billion) project to build its first large organic light-emitting diode plant in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

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