Priyank's girlfriend Divya exposes him and Puneesh is happy

Joann Johnston
December 8, 2017

She complained to Priyank that he seems to be a completelydifferent person in the house. She orders the housemates to behave. Arshi Khan's father gives her advice about Salman Khan Arshi Khan's father entered the house with positive vibes and a smile. He keeps him cheering up that its okay to make mistakes in life.

He then repeated his actions, leaving her even more enraged.

When this died down, Priyank started getting close to Benafsha Soonawalla, which was the final nail in the coffin for Divya, who couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him few weeks and let him know that by entering the house. Interestingly, Arshi's father even got confused between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde as well.

Last night (7th December, 2017), Shilpa Shinde's mother Geeta Shinde paid a special visit inside the house. He particularly praised Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan. Taking him in her arms, she also tells him how much she had missed him in the show. After he left, Arshi blamed Shilpa for giving her father vulgar looks. He told Arshi to change her hairstyle and also asked her to call Salman Khan as "Salman Sahab or Salman Sir".

Later, while having a discussion with Puneesh and Shilpa, Akash forcibly kissed Shilpa on her cheek. And looking at her the "frozen" Shilpa was so overwhelmed that tears rolled down the side of her face and she couldn't stop them. Shilpa's mother asks her as to what she prepared, but she tells that she is out of kitchen.

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Priyank will be seen sitting on the couch when Divya enters the house. She advises him that he doesn't need girls or group to survive in the house.

She tells him that she hasn't come to de-motivate him.

"I feel one should not comment on her seeing her behaviour inside the house". As soon as she leaves, Priyank runs out and calls out for her. He said that Divya and he had broken up even before he entered the show!

Well, great things have humble (or bratty) beginnings and Priyank is a yet another proof of that. Luv gets irritated with Divya's words (as she asks Priyank not to play in group), while Hina tries to tell Luv that it was her views. She kneels down and asks Priyank, "Remember me?"

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