Foot Crocodile on Florida beach draws a crowd

Sergio Conner
November 21, 2017

Officials have successfully captured a crocodile that was spotted on the beach in Hollywood, Monday.

Authorities in the U.S. have captured a six-foot crocodile that came ashore on a Florida beach.

Officers were eventually able to capture the croc on the beach. Officials kept a crowd snapping pictures at a distance while they watched the crocodile on the shoreline.

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A 6-foot crocodile was spotted on the beach in Hollywood. "This is insane", said one eyewitness shooting video with two children in tow.

Officials believe the crocodile may have wandered from a nearby canal. However, the crocodile eluded the trappers and would go into and out of the waves.

The American crocodile usually resides in coastal areas throughout the Carribean with the northern end of their range in South Florida. "It's kind of insane", one man said. Crocodiles are North America's largest reptile and an endangered species.

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