Indigo in trouble again? Airline apologises after passenger falls off from wheelchair

Alicia Farmer
November 14, 2017

There have been reports of wild boars straying onto the airport in night's darkness for some time and they came true on Sunday. "If a wild boar could sneak into the runway, even a terrorist also could gain entry under the cover of darkness", he said and sought immediate clearing of bushes.

The incident took place when the plane was taking off at 10 pm. The crew asked Air Traffic Control to clear the runway of the carcass so that the plane could return. The crew realized there was a problem when the rear wheels failed to lift while takeoff. As it would be risky to land a plane with a full fuel tank, the pilots flew over the sea for 45 minutes. "To avoid the risk, he exhausted the fuel by hovering in the sky for almost an hour and landed safely only after the fuel in the tank came down to a minimum", an official of IndiGO Airlines said, adding that the flight resumed its journey an hour later and landed in Hyderabad safely at around 12.15 am on Monday. In what can be termed a miraculous escape, the disaster was averted after a wild boar hit the flight mid-takeoff. Upon inspection the flesh of the wild boar was found stuck on the rear wheel. The flight was supposed to land at Hyderabad at 11.15 pm, but finally took off only at 1 am on Monday morning.

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The Gurgaon-based airline said it has raised the issue of birds and wildlife endangering the safety of the passengers as well as the flight operations with the Visakhapatnam airport authorities. "We will bring this to the notice of the civil aviation ministry and airport authorities to take immediate measures for safeguarding the welfare of air travellers", Varada Reddy was quoted as saying.

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