George Miller Sues Warner Bros. Over Unpaid Mad Max: Fury Road Bonus

Joann Johnston
November 14, 2017

THR reports that Miller's company is suing for a bonus they say their contract with Warner Bros. guaranteed them if production costs didn't exceed $157 million.

Given how much information is available about these would-be sequels - and given how well Fury Road did with critics and at the box office - one would think these projects would be a priority for Warner Bros. In a statement, Miller and Mitchell said that they "are owed substantial earnings for diligent and painstaking work which spanned over 10 years in development of the script and preparation and three years in production of the movie".

Fury Road director George Miller has filed a suit against Warner Bros. over an unpaid ponus of $7 million. In a statement, Warner Bros said, "We disagree and will vigorously defend against these claims". A production total of $150 million was given to Miller's production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell, with a bonus offered if they managed to stay under that number. The long-anticipated sequel famously went through several delays before even starting production, ultimately becoming a global all-around success with near-universal critical acclaim, $378 million worldwide, and six Academy awards. [But the production company] claims [Warner Bros] made a series of decisions which caused substantial changes and delays to Mad Max, which led to additional costs and expenses and that [the studio] wrongly took them into account in its over-budget calculation. Miller is the one who helped turn Fury Road into one of the most memorable films of the 21st century. Plus, he is testing a provision under Australian consumer law for Warners' alleged misleading and deceptive conduct in making a deal without informing Miller how added costs would factor into budget calculations.

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For its part, the studio contends that Miller and his team were only guaranteed a bonus if the film came in under budget, with WB claiming that the movie went over budget and over schedule. Warner arguing that the dispute should be handled in arbitration in California, but the New South Wales Supreme Court has ruled against it.

After Mad Max: Fury Road proceeded to melt minds with its wild stunts, stirring story, and badass feminist message, audiences understandably wanted to more. It grossed over United States dollars 378 million worldwide and was nominated for 10 Oscars, receiving six.

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