Blizzard Details Overwatch's Upcoming Xbox One X Enhancements

Alfred Osborne
November 14, 2017

The game makes use of the now ubiquitous dynamic resolution technique, but Digital Foundry's recent analysis pointed out that Diablo III on Xbox One X stays at native 4K resolution most of the time, whereas that rarely happens on PlayStation 4 Pro.

Overwatch team is excited with great possibilities Xbox One X opens.

Microsoft's Xbox One update, the Xbox One X, launched on November 7, and a few games have received patches that "enhance" gameplay, like Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty: WW2.

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With the holiday season hitting real soon, Sony is prepping it's PlayStation hardware for the big sale. More details on PlayStation Store game sales should be coming in the next week or so, so stay patient.

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Numerous biggest Xbox One games have received sizable updates to give them 4K resolution support and other enhancements when played on Xbox One X. Unsurprisingly, more games are in line to receive Xbox One X updates, with Blizzard preparing a patch for its popular hero shooter Overwatch that will give it 4K resolution when played on Microsoft's latest console.

Destiny 2 is receiving 4K support for Xbox One X next month-but support for Overwatch could be coming soon, too. While some Xbox One X updates have been fairly reasonable, the updates for other games have been massive, with Quantum Break's file size rising to 178GB, for example. Blizzard seems to have more plans for the console beyond that, but they're weighing concerns like the user interface against their additional plans for the Xbox One X.

While there's no guarantee that the new character and new map will come with the enhancements, hopefully they'll either all come out together or will come out shortly after the Xbox One X enhancements. This could mean that similar results will be seen on the Xbox One X leading up to its update, but that remains unconfirmed until Blizzard provides more details or it's uncovered from those playing Overwatch after the patch.

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