The New Colossus trio of DLCs get release dates, details

Alfred Osborne
November 13, 2017

Bethesda Softworks has revealed the timeline for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus's DLC releases following the game's launch last month.

Each new episode lets you experience Wolfenstein's Nazi occupation of America through the eyes of different resistance fighters.

As previously announced, the pack entitled The Freedom Chronicles will tell the tale of three heroes completely separate from main game protagonist BJ Blazkowicz's story across three episodes. We've known what the season pass entailed for a while now, but not we know precisely how everything's lined up.

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Episode Zero introduces players to Joseph Stallion, Jessica Valiant and Gerald Wilkins as they fight for freedom in the American Territories. The first episode, The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe, is due on December 14th, and the second, The Diaries of Agent Silent Death, should arrive on January 30th. It takes Stallion from the ruins of Chicago, to "the vastness of space". There's no concrete release date for the third and final add-on, The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins; Bethesda said only that it plans to release that DLC pack in March.

The Freedom Chronicles season pass costs United States $25 / £18 / AU $35 and includes all of the aforementioned DLC packs. Finally, in March 2018 we have "The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins" where you'll embark on a mission to Nazi-controlled Alaska to dismantle Operation Black Sun.

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