Ferry McFerryface Is The Newest Addition To Sydney's Public Transport

Mae Love
November 13, 2017

First there was Boaty McBoatface from the United Kingdom.

The public vote to name the last ferry in a new fleet of inner harbour vessels in Sydney was actually won by Boaty McBoatface, but officials did not want to duplicate such an iconic name.

Nearly unbelievably, the most popular name was actually Boaty McBoatface.

"I thought we named ferries after people who deserve recognition, now this ferry name just makes a mockery of those Australians whose names grace the rest of the fleet", wrote another.

The competition allowed the people from Sydney to take part in the naming process as well as maritime history and they made their voices heard.

Here's to hoping Ferry McFerryface lives a longer life along the waters of Sydney Harbour.

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The Name Your Ferry competition was launched in July 2016, just months after the Boaty McBoatface debacle in the United Kingdom, to christen six new Sydney Harbour ferries. However, this simple competition turned into a flawless example of how ridiculous public voting can be.

In Sweden the public voted to name a new line of city trains, Trainy McTrainface.

"The most popular names by far in the Name Your Ferry competition were Victor Chang, Fred Hollows and Catherine Hamlin, which are already ferrying passengers across the harbour", Transport Minister Andrew Constance said.

More than a year and half since thousands of United Kingdom citizens proudly clubbed together to vote "Boaty McBoatface" to the top of a public poll, Australia has now followed suit.

Boaty McBoatface topped the competition's standings, but in a game punt for originality New South Wales Public Transport opted for second place - the inspired Ferry McFerryface.

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