Delhi-NCR still under spell of dense smog

Alicia Farmer
November 11, 2017

Heavy smog is not unusual for New Delhi as winter approaches.

The department said there was a possibility of light winds later in the day, which could clear the smog choking the region.

The seriousness of the situation hit us more as experts have declared the current pollution level in the national capital 10 times more than Beijing, the capital city of China, which is infamous for air pollution.

In a release issued on Friday, Health Minister J.P. Nadda. directed officials and heads of all Central government hospitals to keep a close watch on the situation.

The institute warned that pollution affects all stages of life and reduces the number of years lived in full health by aggravating asthma attacks, eye and skin disorders, and increasing the risk of development of high blood pressure, obesity, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, psychiatric disorders and frailty. In the short run, the high levels of pollution may result in increase in severity of symptoms of respiratory diseases.

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"Global warming is a problem".

As the toxic smog engulfing the national capital worsened on Wednesday, the Delhi government directed all schools, government as well as private, to remain shut from tomorrow till Sunday, noting that the "air pollution has become unbearable" in the city.

Today's decision came as Delhi's Air Quality Index (AQI) deteriorated further to 478, "severe category", during the day as compared to yesterday's 448, with PM2.5 and PM10 ~ ultrafine deadly particulates and pollutants, which enter the respiratory system and manage to reach the bloodstream and lungs ~ reportedly breaching the permissible levels many times over across the city and its surrounding region.

Though the prime cause is attributed to the burning of residue of crops in Haryana and Punjab during October and November, the Union government and the governments of Delhi and the adjoining states always react in a knee-jerk manner.

"It can be tackled if they put their mind on it, instead of getting into the blame game", the former Karnataka chief minister told PTI.

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