Mushrooms Are The Best 'Anti-Aging' Food

Alicia Farmer
November 10, 2017

Free radicals are oxygen atoms with unpaired electrons that arise as a by-product of the process in which the body converts food into energy.

Not only are they delicious, now researchers find that mushrooms have remarkably high amounts of two potential antiaging antioxidants. Oxidative stress is a situation in which our body change the food in fuel but also create some free radicals.

Ergothioneine and glutathione combat "free radicals" - damaging molecules highly linked to dementia, multiple forms of cancer and even heart disease. Replenishing antioxidants greatly helps in keeping free radicals at bay and protecting the body against oxidative stress. A recent study conducted at Pennsylvania State University discovered that mushrooms are exceedingly filled to the capacity of both compounds, and that some of the 13 species they examined encompass immensely higher levels than others. White button mushrooms, that are most commonly consumed, contain similar antioxidants but in lesser amounts he added.

Beelman tells, "What we found is that, without a doubt, mushrooms are a highest dietary source of these two antioxidants taken together, and that some types are really packed with both of them".

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The study further showed that those mushrooms that contained more glutathione were also high in ergothioneine.

"The body has mechanisms to control a lot of them, including ergothioneine and glutathione, but eventually enough accrue to cause damage, which has been associated with numerous diseases of aging, like cancer, coronary heart disease and Alzheimer's", he continued. The researchers tell that mushrooms are full of antioxidants glutathione and ergothioneine which are the best anti-aging properties. Mushrooms, like the kind your local pizza delivery lays beneath gooey, drool-worthy layers of cheese, contain high concentrations of rare anti-aging compounds. From here, the researchers will explore how mushroom-rich diets could decrease the likelihood of neurodegenerative diseases. He tells that the results are certain countries like France and Italy have lower incidences of neurodegenerative disease because of higher consumption of ergothioneine. This could be "causative" or a "correlation" he said and needs to be explored.

But the difference is striking, he notes: the average amount of the antioxidant seen in the diets in these countries is about 3 milligrams per day, or about five button mushrooms.

Beelman worked with Michael D. Kalaras, postdoctoral assistant in food sciences; John P. Richie, professor of public health sciences and pharmacology; and Ana Calcagnotto, research assistant in public health sciences.

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