Metro Detroit man George Papadopoulis mistaken for Trump advisor

Aubrey Yates
November 3, 2017

Trump branded George Papadopoulos "low level" and a "liar" Tuesday, a turnaround from describing him as an "excellent guy" when he joined his campaign team.

Trump "rummaged through his "take a lie, leave a lie" tray" to discredit Papadopoulos, who he claimed was a low-level, inconsequential part of his campaign, said Colbert.

Suddenly, it seems, all the armchair lawyers-including every journalist with a pulse-are debating the significance of the previously obscure George Papadopoulos.

Our intelligence agencies say the Russians interfered with our 2016 presidential election. Ultimately, the foreign policy trip he sought did not materialize.

Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Carter Paige, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, and George Papadopoulos.

Papadopoulos was based in London at the time but did not operate in a bubble.

Oh, and "the Professor" that Papadopoulos said had links to Russian Federation and was proffering "dirt" on Hillary Clinton, including "thousands of emails"?

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This official said Papadopoulos exchanged emails "constantly" on foreign policy matters with the Trump team during the campaign.

Several foreign policy experts, a lot of them with experience on past presidential campaigns in both parties, told us that unpaid advisers are often quite influential - though we don't know for sure how Trump regarded Papadopoulos beyond his own remarks, photographic evidence, and information from Mueller's office.

In April, the professor introduced Papadopoulos to a Russian national connected to the Russian ministry of foreign affairs, and they had conversations over Skype and email about setting up a meeting between Trump campaign and Russian government officials.

President Donald Trump is tweeting that the "biggest story" out of the charges announced Monday in the Russian Federation investigation is the resignation of Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta from his eponymous firm. Papadopoulos, in what the White House described as his only face-to-face encounter between the two, suggested that the Republican meet with Putin, according to court filings related to the 30-year-old's pleading guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These steps came after he joined. The thought that Paul Manafort is to be punished for his alleged crimes-and that Donald Trump may not be far behind him-caused Colbert to launch into song during Monday's Late Show, showing off his wonderful singing voice and his unadulterated delight at what many suspect to be the beginning of the end for Trump.

This isn't to suggest that Robert Mueller shouldn't try to unravel whatever contacts took place between Trump associates and the Russians, if only to shed light on what didn't happen as well as what did.

But both are charged with conspiring together and with others to knowingly and intentionally defraud and commit crimes against the US from 2006 to this year. But the indictment details allegations stretching from 2006 to 2017. He was promoted to campaign chairman in mid-May, after he had essentially assumed control, and then was pushed out August 19 when questions intensified about his lobbying for Ukraine interests.

The Post has identified some of the people not named in the agreement, such as Sam Clovis, Trump's national co-chairman, listed as Papadopoulos' supervisor. It does not go to the heart of that matter.

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