How To Install More Games On SNES Classic With Hakchi 2.20

Olive Hawkins
October 9, 2017

These were added through a relatively simple hack that allows owners of the SNES Classic Edition (who also own a PC) to add whatever games they want.

If you follow the instructions and make a backup of the SNES Classic kernel, the modification should be safe in most cases. Initial tests of the FEL-mode exploit, which requires booting into a telnet interface to talk to Nintendo's Linux box, proved promising, and ClusterM returned eight days after the system's launch with a new hakchi2 version-which now works with either "Nintendo classic" system. Now there is a tutorial showing you exactly how to do it and it looks like you can add your own ROM's to the console.

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The beauty of the NES Classic's hack is that its default NES emulator works with pretty much every NES game thrown at it. Since many Super Nintendo games are small in size, and the mini console has far more storage space than it needs for the standard library of 21 games, it's a cinch to add a few hundred of your favorite games. For those games, you can also use the RetroArch mod, so if there's one game in particular you'd like to play on your SNES Classic, you should be able to get it up and running one way or another.

For more on the SNES Classic, keep it locked on Mammoth Gamers. An update pushed to ClusterM's hakchi2 tool over the weekend makes it compatible with the SNES Classic Edition, which means you can now use the tool to hack both it and the NES Classic Edition.

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