Apple IPhone 8 Has Battery Issue

Olive Hawkins
October 7, 2017

Several reports have claimed that the batteries used in Apple's recently released iPhone 8 Plus are swelling inside the body of the phone, and subsequently breaking it open. The battery on some of these phones seem to swell and cause the case of the iPhone to break open and crack, exposing the inside of the phone.

An Apple spokesperson said the company was looking into the issues. Reports have so far pointed out iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

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For the past few weeks, about six photos and videos of swollen iPhone 8 and 8 Plus phones - some of which were split in the backside and exposed internal parts - have been shared widely on social media. There was no sign of scorching or an explosion. He says that he never had the opportunity to charge the device. At the time of writing reports include devices in China, Canada, Greece, Japan and Taiwan, forcing Apple to officially look into it.

The reports bear an ominous parallel to similar problems reported with Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 past year when a handful of phones caught fire - and the issue quickly exploded to include more than 100 allegations of self-detonating li-ion batteries, and led to a mass recall of the Android handset. Further, Apple also did not provide the first weekend sales number of the handsets, which went on sale on September 22, as it has done with the new iPhones before. Due to the minute tolerances of phones, it only takes a small increase in the size of the component to cause the iPhone to separate. So far, there have been no injuries. On top of that, the iPhone 8 was already at something of a disadvantage as millions of consumers are undoubtedly waiting for the iPhone X to launch.

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