IPhone 8 Plus "split open" while charging

Mae Love
October 1, 2017

According to preliminary data, in both cases, the cause of failure was a swollen battery.

A Japanese iPhone 8 owner is also reported to have suffered a similar issue this week.

Apple is investigating claims its latest iPhones 8 Plus mobiles are splitting shortly after customers bought the latest must-have pieces of technology. The likely culprit of these events may be a faulty battery but with only two reports, it's not a widespread problem rising to the scale of Samsung's Galaxy Note7 fiasco late a year ago, for the time being.

Two separate reports from iPhone 8 Plus users recall their new phones "cracking open". She had apparently placed her handset for charging using the official Apple-supplied cable and adaptor when she noticed that the display began to bulge out after about 3 minutes.

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According to the second iPhone 8 Plus owner with a swollen battery, his phone came straight from Apple with the screen popped out and the cell inside the phone blown up to a multiple of its normal size. At least one of the social media posts included pictures showing that the battery swelling pushed the phone's screen right out of its housing. In the past, other iPhone releases have arrived with small issues.

The iPhone 8, released eight days ago, were two of the phones announced by the company earlier this month.

What's even more alarming is that the iPhone 8 Plus batteries are made by Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) says The Next Web. The iPhone X, Apple's phone with all the major improvements, will be released in early November.

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