Hillary Clinton Won't Rule Out Questioning The Legitimacy Of Donald Trump's Election

Sergio Conner
September 19, 2017

Both committees are looking at Russian meddling and whether President Donald Trump's campaign was involved.

Cillizza writes that "in an interview Monday with NPR's Terry Gross, Clinton [is] not only questioning the legitimacy of Trump's presidency but refusing to rule out the possibility of contesting the results if Russian collusion is proven by special counsel Bob Mueller".

However, Clinton went on to add that she does not think there is a "mechanism" in place to officially overturn the election results.

"No, I wouldn't rule it out", Hillary said in a response to a question asking if she would "rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election".

Clinton later said there have been "scholars" and "academics" who argue challenging the results would be possible - but Clinton herself dismissed the idea.

Clinton said if she had been elected president and the U.S. intelligence community told her of Russia's involvement, "I would've never stood for it".

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"But people are making those arguments", she said.

The president has questioned the intelligence community's conclusion that Russian Federation was behind the election interference campaign, and Mueller is reportedly probing whether Trump's firing of FBI Director James Comey was an attempt to obstruct the investigations.

"No. I would not", Clinton replied.

"No. I would not", Clinton said.

It could come as sweet music to some in the Democratic base, who are hanging on every unconfirmed report or rumour of Trump campaign malfeasance and waiting with bated breath for the day the presidential house of cards comes crashing down. "One instance in which this question arose was the "butterfly ballot" from the 2000 election, which may have caused some voters to choose Pat Buchanan when they meant to vote for Al Gore in Palm Beach County, Florida". "Even though it might've advantaged me, I would've said, 'We've got to get to the bottom of this'".

Last week, Mrs Clinton called for the abolishing of the United States electoral college as she sought to explain why she lost the election. In fact, I think part of the reason Trump behaves the way he behaves is that he is a walking example of projection. During the third and final presidential debate, Trump refused to say whether he'd accept the results if he lost.

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